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ProPools provides transparent pricing in addition to well defined subscription-based services, therefore, our customers know upfront exactly what they are paying for.

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Times have changed, but the pool industry hasn’t. No other company has made a real effort to revolutionize the pool industry.

Pool Industry Background

Large established companies in the pool industry, as with most outdoor living companies, are organized and governed by traditional efficiency models. This is why the pool industry (and the outdoor living industry) has been antiquated and stagnant for decades and there have been only incremental technology advancements...

Where the industry is coming from
Adopting a Responsive Self-Management Framework

Adopting a Responsive Self-Management Framework

To further ProPools purpose of making pool maintenance easy, we have adopted an agile Self-Management organizational framework. We broke down traditional corporate hierarchy and organized ProPools into working teams with team level missions intended to advance our purpose and encourage innovation. We feel this organizational structure will help us create a company that operates in a way that is both professionally and personally fulfilling for our team members. Instead of only asking what employees can do for a company, make it mutual and ask what a company can do for its team members! Implementing a successful Self-Management organization takes a commitment from ProPools founders, organization leaders, team members and everyone who works within the organization. In addition to a commitment is the understanding of where we are going, and what is expected from each of us individually and our team to get us there...

How responsive Self-Management works (high level)

We use our collective skills and abilities to provide best in class service and deliver innovative solutions. Our culture thrives because we all benefit from each other’s personal success as well as the Company’s success. In lieu of secrecy, we believe in transparency which means sharing the goals and objectives of each team so everyone in the organization knows and understands how we are advancing our purpose. We share our company-wide purpose, an overview of teams, missions and sub-missions, individual roles and responsibilities of each team member and other relevant information about the company. This information is readily available to every team member, at any time. Team members are empowered to find out information such as; who is responsible for different missions (tasks), what mission(s) have been assigned to them and their team, what they are personally responsible for providing to their teammates and what their teammates are responsible to provide them. Making this information available enables each team member to make better-informed decisions about how they do their personal work and how they interact with their team. We believe this creates trust since all team and individual commitments are available and out in the open...

How Self-Management Works
Learn About ProPools Culture

ProPools Culture

The ProPools mission is to reinvent the pool industry. Our culture and core values reflect this commitment. Our entire culture is created around supporting our purpose of making pool maintenance easy and taking the pain out of pool ownership. On the surface, it might seem like a simple task, but underneath there are many purpose focused missions and processes in order for us to achieve success. The bottom line is not the only (or most important) indicator of success at ProPools. When defining success, we consider the ability to fulfill both personal and professional lives for our team members, our customer's satisfaction, and the positive impact our companies and our customers have on the environment. Of course, the bottom line is important, but we believe that will be the intended byproduct of everything else we do. We create an environment and culture which provides the freedom for our team to question everything, and the entrepreneurialism and resources to solve them. We knew that if we wanted to reInvent the pool industry we would have to start over and reThink everything. When we decided to start ProPools we ripped every aspect of the industry apart, poked holes in all ideas and challenged ourselves to create a better solution...

Our Core Values

Our Core Values guide our business and our brand. They connect us, define us and inspire us. They were adopted not only to set the stage of ProPools but to hold all team members accountable to them. Many of our values are incorporated to help fulfill our idea of Self-Management.

Core Values
Learn About Our Core Values
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All ProPools Pool Technicians are NSPF® Certified Pool Operators - CPO's


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