• FREE ProPools 50 Point Inspection

    For a limited time get a complimentary 50 Point Inspection. Typically a $175 value

  • FREE ProPools 50 Point Inspection

    For a limited time get a complimentary 50 Point Inspection. Typically a $175 value

  • LEARN how to care for your pool

    Our “ProPools 50 Point Inspection” will familiarize you with your entire system as well as give you a full report on the condition of your pool and equipment.

  • ProPools provides an overview on your pool water chemistry

    We ensure you are using the right amount and the best, safest products available. We don't just dump a bunch of chemicals in your pool like everyone else!

  • FREE ProPools 50 Point Inspection

    For a limited time get a complimentary 50 Point Inspection. Typically a $175 value

FREE 50 Point Inspection!

For a limited time, ProPools Las Vegas is offering a complimentary, no strings attached, 50 point inspection on your pool. Learn about your pool, how it works and tips to prolong your equipment. Usually a $175 value.

How it works

Getting a ProPools 50 Point Inspection is very easy! Contact us if you have any questions or need help.

Contact ProPools

Use our online appointment scheduler or CALL ProPools Las Vegas at 702.480.4880

Schedule a Time

Pick a time that works for you, we're flexible to work around your schedule

We Show Up + Do the Inspection

One of ProPools highly trained representatives will conduct our FREE 50 Point Inspection

ProPools Inspects for Pool Structure Water Chemistry Safety Equipment Pool Deck Environment Electrical Lighting Pool + Spa

What does ProPools Inspect?

We come to your house and show you how to operate your pool and equipment, fire up your heater, test the water quality, review and program your filtration hours (circulation), put together a schedule to to monitor your filters (when to clean and when to change), add our custom ProPools Pool and Spa Equipment Labels to your equipment and set the pool and spa valves to make sure everything is operating correctly. We answer any questions you have about your pool and spa. We also inspect and rate your equipment for proper operation.

Property Information + Environment

We gather all the information we need to effectively service your pool starting with your account information, and check the environment that can affect your pool such as trees, bushes, foliage, dirt etc.

Pool Structure

We determine how many gallons of water your Pool/Spa hold, determine the condition of the plaster, tile, coping, and check the surrounding deck/patio and more.

Water Chemistry

We test your water to make sure its safe, check for algae build-up, calcium deposits and more. ProPools will tell you exactly how much product to put into your pool to make sure you and your family are safe.

Index + Rate Your Pool Equipment

We take photos of your current pool equipment, index everything for future reference, and check your system (pumps, filters, heater, Control center, spa blower, auxiliary pumps) and test and water features.

Lighting + Electrical

We check to make sure all your lights are working correctly. We also make sure that there are no electrical issues such as faulty or exposed wiring and all wires are grounded and properly connected.

Safety Inspection + ProPools Recommendations

We check everything to make sure you and your family are safe. Lastly, our ProPools Tech’s make any recommendations to help improve your pool ownership experience.

All ProPools customers start with our complimentary 50 Point Inspection. Call us today and learn more!

FREE Custom Pool Equipment Labels

We looked everywhere and couldn't find logical, good looking, long-lasting Pool & Spa Equipment Labels; so we designed our own. For a limited time, we are including a complimentary set plus installation with every ProPools 50 Point Inspection. A $22.99 value!

"When you schedule a complimentary 50 Point Inspection, our CPO licensed (Certified Pool Operator) ProPools trained Pool Technicians will perform a visual inspection and run thorough tests on your pool’s equipment. Our 50 Point Inspection is unique to ProPools and you wont find it anywhere else"
Kevin Noble
ProPools Managing Partner
Call us today to schedule a FREE 50 Point Inspection or use our fancy scheduler


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